Elite Dangerous- 2019


For Christmas Tracey bought me Drew Wagars Elite Dangerous book “Premonition” and have been reading this for a bit. Feel this is much better than his last book and has some more info on the Hawking’s Gap mystery in game. Quite well timed as I recently visited the four bases in the Hawking’s Gap area.

Mother Lode

Started mining in early January using the great new deep core mining mechanics. After figuring out what equipment is required and the actual game play and skill required, it’s great fun breaking these huge rocks apart.

Got involved in the gold rush for Void Opals which are only available from core mining. Using this method I can get approx 10-16 void opals per asteroid and generally find three or four asteroids an hour. As each Opal is worth approx 1.6 million, at the right station, I can make 60-80 million an hour. These credits are very welcome after the massive investment in the very expensive Prismatic shields recently taking over 1.5 billion out of my cash pile.

Future Hopes

By February Frontier have still not announced what is on the road map for 2019. Hopefully it will be atmospheric landings. Currently all we know is that it will be a paid update, which is good news as far as I’m concerned as it should be a large update. Considering the advances in beyond was free and these updates were very good then a paid one should be much better. Plus as I have bought the lifetime Expansion Pass I will get it for free. The only thing the LEP has got me to date, which cost about £130, is one season pass worth £35ish and a couple of virtual bobble heads!!! Not much for 5 years.

Personally I would be VERY surprised if the range of land able planets are not expanded upon this season. Currently we can only land on barren non atmospheric worlds. The next step would be to have barren worlds with atmospheres. Next I guess would be atmospheric with plant life and water. Last would come atmospheric worlds with plant and animal life. The last one will probably be in a year or more. However hope atmospheric planets of some description will come in 2019. We were promised ice worlds last year, but this never appeared.

The Diaguandri Pit & Lagrange Cloud Lightning

Went to visit ‘The Pit’ at Diaguandri B1. This is some glitch in the game that has rendered a massive pit in this mars like planet. My attempt at jumping the pit in my SRV did not quite go to plan.
Around the same time I also visited a Lagrange cloud with some rather cool lightening and space based life forms. This was very cool to look at, probably looks awesome in VR. One day…

The Diaguandri Pit
Lagrange Cloud

Powerplay Weapons & More Mining

Back in the bubble I unlocked the Cytoscrambler from Archon Delaine. This is a special energy weapon that is very effective against shields. It has a rather high jitter of 1.7% so not much use at range. However get up close and personal and it’s got 236% DPS WITHOUT engineering. This really tears through a targets shields nicely.

Still mining Void Opals, getting pretty boring, pun intended, as this in my only play style this year, however now up to 5 billion cash with just over 10 billion in assets. Don’t think I need to worry about flying without a rebuy for a bit. Nice to have such a massive safety net.

Update… eventually

In early March there was an announcement from Frontier that the next major update will be late 2020!!!
2020, that’s almost two years away.
Extremely, extremely disappointing. Looks like 2019 will mostly be improvements towards new players and quality of life improvements. They also mentioned something about developer created community material.

Looks like the big update at the end of 2020 will be a large change, possibly space legs, atmospheric planets etc, but nothing confirmed from Frontier. However, whatever we get is a very, very long way off indeed.

The Dev created events sounds like a bit of distraction to take players minds off the fact that 2019 will be a very lacking year for development. An incredible shame as I was hoping that this year would be a new huge update, not the last end of 2020.

There are rumours that the delay is due to the fact that current generation consoles are not up to dealing with the requirements of this next Elite update and this delay will enable the next gen consoles to come out and then all platforms can get this big upgrade.

Part of me is just glad there is a huge update coming, even if it is a while off. But then another part of me is worried this will be delayed further or cancelled, like the fleet carriers and Ice planets from last year.
This could lead to a lot of people leaving the game, especialy veterans like me that have done pretty much all the game has to offer so far.

My lifetime Expansion Pass now seems a real bad deal. Since I bought it there has only been one paid update for horizons back in 2016, the next paid update looks to be 2020.
There are rumours of mission packs being added to the game, perhaps these will be paid content and perhaps covered by the lifetime pass.
Game may start losing players during this maintenance phase.

Get Away

On the 11th March I left the bubble in USS Disco, an explora Conda, to visit the Conflux bases, Beagle point and the newly created station and mega ship near Sag A. May also see if I can meet up with the Distant Worlds 2 expedition as they are currently making there way to Sag A.

That same day of departure I visited ‘The Monolith’ at BYEIA EURK JH-Y C23 2A -47.8126 -129.2010. Landed my conda on the spire but whenever I tried to launch the SRV the game unfortunately crashed. As this feature is almost certainly a bug, an inverse bug to the pit, it looks very much out of place, then I’m not surprised that physics are broken around it.

The Spire

The next day I touched down at Eagle’s Landing. Think the last time I was here was coming Back From Colonia in November 2016. Sold all my exploration data here and made 36,888,315 credits.

Visited the four Conflux bases on the 18th March. Moved on to Temple area of galaxy on way to Colonia.

Docked at Jaques Station in Colonia on the 21st March. Sold exploration data and made 85,622,173 Credits. So that’s 11 days of exploration for 85 million, Could have made the same amount in an hour mining void opals. Would seem that payouts need balancing for exploration.

Whilst in this region of space I decided to unlock the recently created four new local engineers. First off was Marsha Hicks from the system Tir, she wanted 10 units of Osmium, which is a mined material. Took out my old Type 6 mining ship which has been docked at Jaques since early November 2016, some 17 months ago. Worked a treat and quickly unlocked Hicks.

On the same day I unlocked Petra Olmanova in Asura. She wanted 200 units of Progenitor cells. Easy enough to buy and deliver. Temporarily stripped out Disco and stuffed with cargo racks.

On the 28th March I unlocked Mel Brandon in Luchtaine. He just wanted 100,000 credits worth of bounty vouchers, easy. Bought a Krait Phantom for the job, named the ship ‘Flash Gorgon’.

Last engineer was Etienne Dorn at Los who rather worryingly wanted 25 OCCUPIED escape pods. Apart from finding them randomly on planets or moons and at some destroyed ship I had no idea where to get them from.
Luckily I found a guide and the trick is to find a megship in distress, there is one in Luchtaine by A1 with the label ‘Distress Call’. You then have to scan the ship and it will show a list of areas on the megaship, one is ‘Escape Bay 3’. Now scan the escape bay and sub target the escape hatches. Launch a hatch breaker and after a few seconds several escape pods will eject. Scoop them up, rinse and repeat. You generally get 5 occupied pods on each sortie. So not too long to satisfy creepy Mr Dorn.

Moving further on from Colonia to Beagle Point; on the 5th April I finally surpassed my long standing ‘Distance from starting point’ metric of 25,848ly. As a way of celebrating this milestone I landed on a moon and drove over a water geezer which launched me 3km straight up. Later I landed on another body and saw some volcanic geysers. Did not try and park on top of one, figured it would end very bad. This far out from the bubble getting a new SRV would be an issue.

By the 24th April I was well on my way to Beagle point, only 6,500 light years to go. Although may be a bit longer as navigation is getting progressively harder as all the scoopable stars are starting to thin out. Indeed all stars are petering out here on the very edge of the milky way galaxy.

I have been using the Neutron Highway for the first time ever. By scooping at neutron stars you don’t get any fuel, however it does supercharge your FSD. Where USS Disco will normally jump approx 74 light years, with the supercharge it will do approx 300! Possibly not the best decision this far away from help as each scoop causes a few percentage of damage to the FSD. You can also get massive damage to other systems and the hull and canopy etc, It’s also not unusual to have the ship torn apart during this manoeuvre. The good news is I have two Auto Field-Maintenance Units (AFMU) which can fix modules. I also have repair drones and can synthesise more if required. Therefore I believe it’s a risk worth taking to speed up my journey. The ‘Neutron Plotter‘ site is a great for navigating these stars. The only problem is that you cant scoop from a neutron star so it’s easy to run out of fuel if not paying attention.
I’m now on target for meeting up with the Distant Worlds 2 expedition that is due to arrive at Beagle point from the 22nd April – 13th June.


A few days ago there was a leaked memo by someone claiming to have information from Frontier Developments about upcoming releases. The release looked like this:

Current Projects:

  • Planet Coaster – Currently working on a Ghostbusters pack.
  • Jurassic World Evolution (Project Nero)
  • New DLC will contain Acrocanthosaurs, Proceratosaurus and Herrerasaurus.
  • July will be a “Claire Dearing” DLC that will introduce a Safari Truck Ride, Paleo Botany (growing plants for food in the feeder). Mission will be to save the dinosaurs from Nublar and move to Sanctuary island (partially announced)
  • There is some decoration coming but not much. New dinosaurs are Albertosaurus, Ouranosaurus and one more.
  • December will be a 1993 pack with Nublar and Sorna. Classic Jeep track ride to get around. Missions will be to get JP back online.
  • Elite Dangerous (Project Watson)
  • Space legs. FPS style gameplay.
  • Thargoids in the flesh that look very Starship Trooper-like.
  • Base building.
  • Coming end of 2020 (already known)

New projects:

  • Planet Zoo (Project Darwin) – Announcing this month or next. Releasing October. PC only based on Planet Coaster. Cool weather effects. DLC packs every 3 months or so with the first being around December.
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2 (Project Galileo) – This is the “new” IP that was mentioned recently. Just a sequel to JWE. Releasing 2021.
  • Planet Coaster 2 (Project Einstein) – In talks with Disney about licensing. Not much info on this yet.
  • Project Marconi – A real time strategy game. Man v Machine and Lego Star Wars are both being worked on.
  • Jurassic World Survival. A Jurassic World themed survival game. Not much info on this at the moment.

This post was then wiped from the few places it was posted too, which is either a move by a troll to make it seem more legitimate, or it’s Frontier trying to hide this information.

In the last coupe of days the dinosaur pack was announced then today I saw a trailer for Planet Zoo. So that looks like a strong confirmation that this leak is legit. If so the lack of information on atmospheric planet landings is more than upsetting. I would much prefer atmo landings over space legs. The base building may be an interesting development. Of course this leak may not be 100% correct and they could still be on the cards for 2020. Fingers crossed.

Beagle Point

On the 26th April I managed to navigate my way to Beagle Point. I did think this was the farthest away from the Sol system that you can get in the game and therefore surprised to find that there are a few star systems beyond this point, however they are another 90+ light years away so not reachable by current ships and technology, without jumponium. I guess I could jump out one or two systems more, but would have no way of getting back.

This achievement of reaching Beagle Point is another big check box on the ‘things to do’ list for Elite Dangerous. Took a while to get out here, but worth the effort. I did scan and map every body in the system, they had all been mapped before, probably hundreds of times, but felt it was the thing to do. Who knows when I will be back here next.

Landed at the Distant Worlds 2 meeting point at Beagle Point 2 (-16.001, 169.212). This was near the centre of a huge crater. Nobody was there. Then I figured the fleet was in a private group. I got on Discord and found Fleet Comms and asked if I could get in the private group. It was possible but would take a couple of weeks evidently. As I was not going to be here for very long this was a shame. So I had a drive round the surface scooping up some materials in my SRV in the hope that some open players would turn up. No joy.
Next time I logged in a few hours later there were two other commanders in the instance, Nitehawk & Leifur Eriksson. Had a chat with these explorers for a bit then plotted a route towards the Acheron region. Will then head almost directly towards Explorer’s Anchorage very near the Galactic centre at Stuemeae FG-Y d7561.

Beagle Point

Interstellar Initiative

The first new Interstellar Initiative has kicked off, it’s called ‘Bridging the Gap’. It has something to do with a ferry from the Zende in the bubble to a location voted for in the community. There are five options and all are by a Guardian base of some kind.
Not sure how this ferry will work. I can only assume it will be like The Genosis, however that only jumps once at the tick on a Thursday. This can’t be workable for a ferry, would be quicker to jump there yourself. So guessing it will be much more frequent, possibly every several minutes. It will be an interesting asset to the game. Possibly more will crop up later. May even see a Colonia service.

On the 2nd May I watched a Frontier video saying that the ‘Bridging the Gap’ ferry will run once a week at the Thursday tick. So it’s going to be pretty much useless.
The distance the ferry will travel is about 700ly which can be done in about 17 minutes in a ship fitted with a 50ly jump range, which is very easy to get. With some of my ships I can make that distance in 11 minutes! So you can either wait a week for the ferry or do it yourself in under 20 minutes. There may even be the possibility of using Neutron stars to reduce this time further.
Perhaps new players would find it useful if they just had a small ship with terrible jump range. Mind you as the point of this service is to get more people to the Guardian Structures these are fairly dangerous places to be, a n00b may well get destroyed easily here. So waiting a week to be destroyed seems a bad deal. Plus that player would be marooned away from the bubble for another week till the next ferry returns.

This service needs to operate several times an hour or jump MUCH greater distances. If there were a service to Jacques or Explorers Anchorage by Sag A then waiting a week is well worth it. Waiting a week to make a trip that would take you 15 minutes is totally pointless.
At the end of the day I guess it’s at least adding more assets and variety to the game, it’s just poorly implemented IMHO. Perhaps it will be improved in the future.

Explorers Anchorage

Heading towards Explorers Anchorage to sell all my Cartographic data. Have come across quite a few water worlds on my travels, even came across 5 or six systems with three water worlds in each. One was even a binary pair. Think I have only come across one Earth like world on the trip back from Beagle Point.
Arrived at Explorers Anchorage and Sag A on the 6th May. Started to make journey back to the bubble. Made 421,731,485 credits since leaving Jaques late in March.
The next day I started a speed run, just honk and scoop approx 24,000ly in one day to Jameson Memorial. Just goes to show how fast you can move if you put your mind to it.

Yori Grom

On the 9th May I did the Powerplay Postman Patt delivery run of 750 whatevers and as I have been aligned to Yuri Grom for the last 8 weeks, at the Thursday tick I got my Contaimnent Missiles, these will cause a targets FSD to fail temporarily.
Going to align with Edmund Mahon next for the Retributor. Than I believe I have all the Powerplay weapons, apart from the Mining laser, but hey, who wants that?

The Conduit

After an online vote as part of the new Interstellar Initiative the destination for the new ferry was finalised. I docked up with ‘The Conduit‘ Megaship ferry in the Zende system on the 15th May in readiness for it’s maiden jump at the server tick tomorrow. This is a new game asset that will shuttle commanders from the edge of the bubble to Guardian space some 700ly away. Not much point as it only runs once a week, however had to give this new asset a go.

The next day I tried to log into the game in the morning and the Frontier servers were down. I wonder if this is a fault due to the new megaship ferry. Possibly this ferry is a test bed for the delayed squadron carrier ships that we were supposed to get at the end of last year.
After a few hours the servers came back and I was now magically in Synuefe EN-H d11-96. Lifted off from the ferry and landed on 7A to collect some Guardian materials. Not sure what was required so hoovered up all I could find. Then took off and flew to ‘The Prospect’, a small outpost in orbit of 7A. Then found out that this phase two was the usual Community Goal. So this new Interstellar initiative so far has been a vote on a website followed by the normal CC.

Spent the last week in Synuefe EN-H d11-96 collecting guardian materials, not very exciting. Yesterday I docked with the Conduit again and got the ‘Return to Zende’ trip.

The next phase of the Intergalactic Initiative started. This is ANOTHER community goal, this time to hand in combat bonds. WTF! So the new more developer led replacement for the community goals, because everyone is board of community goals, is an out of game vote and TWO community goals!!!
To think what they could do with the game such as another Salome style event. If this is all we have till late 2020 when the new update drops then it may finally be time for me to rank up in Arena.

More Leaks

On the 27th May we had more leaked information from the same source as earlier. Shows an image of a Thargoid, which does look very Starship Troopers bug like. Leak also gives more info on Jurassic Evolution. So definitely looks like space legs is going to be a thing next year, which will be interesting. Still no mention of atmospheric landings, which for me is much more needed.

A Thargoid yesterday


Lots of talk of cheating via an app that you can tweak almost any variable in the game and give yourself advantages such as infinite shields or increased jump range beyond what would normally be possible.
Knowing how Frontier have dealt with this sort of thing in the past such as; Combat Logging, Botting etc which was pretty much NOTHING. I guess the cheat app will be ignored also. Frontier will have to do something soon surely. With all this cheating and botting it’s making a joke of the game.

Nuke & Pave

On the 3rd June I was having lots of issues with my games PC crashing. Thought it was probably some nasty bit of software or corrupted file. This i7, 16Gig, GTX770 PC has been running since June 2014 without a nuke & pave so decided to wipe it and start a new. As it was running the shockingly bad Windows 8.1 OS I took this oportunity to update to the Orwellian Windows 10.
Took hours to get most stuff up and running again, still having issues with my X56 HOTAS and Voice Attack. Most anoyingly though I’m still getting occasional random crashes. Arg! Possible memory hardware issue.

Thargoid Infestation

On the 13th June I took my T-10 out scout bashing. Used the Galnet news article on Thargoid infestation to find systems at war. Found one of the relatively new Thargoid Conflict zones where you get waves of scouts with occasional interceptors.

Whilst out Thargoid bashing I winged up with fellow CMDR Lex Pernetti and a couple of others to go Thargoid hunting. Actually killed a few Interceptors. Was great fun. Decided the Type 10 is great for dealing with scouts if outfitted with a SLF and turreted cannons, not so good with anything bigger.
Flew back to Jameson Memorial and retrofitted my Imperial Cutter from a hauler to an anti xeno ship. Also fitted the Type 10 with AX Multicannons and Taipan AX fighters to turn it into a scout shredder. Good for ranking up crew as each scout is worth at least an elite kill.

Krait Times at Bug Central

Bought a new Krait MK2 and outfitted with Guardian gauss canons, Guardian Plasma chargers, and a Flack Launcher. Flew it out to a Thargoid infested system and got my ass handed to me.
After doing some matts grinding at the ever generous Dav’s Hope and The Bug Killer I engineered the hell out of my Krait & Type-10 then moved them down to Artemis Lodge in the rather pretty Celaeno system, some 377ly from Sol, where it’s bug central. There are many many hon human signal sources here so a very rich hunting ground. It’s also home for Operation Ida, the player group who repair attacked stations.

Lots of fun engaging scouts and interceptors in the bug infested system of Celaeno. Getting very good at killing the first heart on Cyclops Interceptors solo. However I can’t solo the second heart. Will try and wing up with a mentor to help my anti-xeno skills.
Losing lots of money fighting Thargoids. Especially after investing in ships and weapons, plus ship transfer. Anyone out to save humanity from alien incursion is certainly not doing it for money.

Found this nice guide from Down to Earth Astronomy on fighting Thargoids which I will have to emulate.

New content & ARX

On the 6th July Frontier drops a teaser for Fleet Carriers which will allegedly come out this December. We should have had these last year, plus ice worlds. Oh well, better late than never. No other details yet as to how they will work, jump range, costs etc. At least something to look forward too for this year.

Fleet Carriers

Also hearing Information about a September update that will include more n00b in game help files and something called ARX credits. These are, rather worryingly, in game virtual currency that can be bought with real money or earned in the game.
Lots of fears of this being a ‘pay to win‘ situation. Possibly the worst thing that could happen to any game IMHO. Frontier have so far said that it will be for cosmetic purchases only. I hope this is true and will not roll out to other areas that would make it pay to win.
I think I remember David Braben talking about how pay to win games are always a bad direction to go, and he’s correct. So hopefully he still feels this way.

The Frontier store is going to be moved into the game and the cosmetics will be available there, which will be better. Evidently ARX will not be transferable for the existing credits system in Elite, which is good news.

It’s unclear on how these ARX will be earned in game. Will they be issued by the amount of time you are playing or as rewards for missions etc?
I just find the whole idea a bit odd. Frontier are making real money from selling cosmetics with real money in the store, why would they lose out on making money by giving the players free money in the form or ARX? Perhaps the ARX to pound ratio will be really small. If so then ARX will be pretty much worthless. Perhaps frontier will put all the cosmetic prices up to counter losing money. Ultimately we may be subjected to lots of in game advertising for cosmetic items.
Well whatever happens I sincerely hope the ARX does just stay for cosmetics and nothing else.

The Enclave

The second Interstellar Initiative ‘The Enclave” is in it’s second week by the 12th July. The first was a community goal to hand in exploration data. The second week are three community goals for collecting materials for three mega ships or something. Honestly I find these new Interstellar Initiatives a joke. They were supposed to be a replacement for the dwindling interest in Community Goals, however they have been so far half CC orientated!!!
Frontier had an opportunity to put together some real engaging game play but instead wrapped up CCs in some shallow story.
Recently the Youtuber ‘Down to Earth Astronomy‘ put together an interesting Tresure hunt for the game with no access to the BGS or anything and this was much more fun than the II’s. The fact that one man in his spare time can come up with more engaging game play than a professional paid team of developers is pretty telling.
As we have to wait till later 2020 for the next big update the game is very void of new things to do unfortunately.

Fleet Carriers back On

Personal Fleet Carriers announced for December 2019. This was a bit of a surprise as the Fleet Carriers, to my mind, would be something for a Squadron to own and fly. Looks like anyone can now own a carrier, which is great. Also it looks like there are a few different flavours with different load outs. All very promising.
Not sure how much one of these new ships will cost. If I had to guess I would go with a 5-8 billion, but that’s just a guess. There may also be some upkeep on it and we do know that to jump it will require resource gathering. Currently I have just over 5 billion, so I’m going back to do some lucrative Void Opal mining for a bit to hopefully get up to approx 15 billion by December. I wonder what the in game law is on the price of void opals? They have been mined heavily by the community for 9 months and the price remains steady. I would have thought after that long the price would drop somewhat. Well I’m happy to take the easy money.


A new type of Thargoid has been spotted, it’s a Orthrus. It was only seen for a short period by Palins base then has not been seen again. It could possibly have been a mistake from Frontier and should not have been in the game till later and got pulled.

By the 10th September my cash credits were at 6.9 billion, with assets at 14.2 billion. In the last 24 hours I have made 713.2 million in Void Opal mining. Therefore things are looking great to hit my target of 15 billion cash by the December update. Just going to be somewhat of a grind. Second screen for movies and TV shows helps.

It was interesting to read a reply from Frontier to a player who had amassed 20 billion cash and asked if this would be enough for a carrier. The reply was something along the lines of ‘That should comfortably be enough.’ I guess that means they should be at maximum 15 billion, probably a fair bit lower. Taking into account that not many players will have much over 2 or 3 billion in cash and that for Frontier to make an update that only a tiny percentage of players can use would be dumb. I’m quite an active player having been actively engaged for over five years, but had I not been avidly Void Opal mining recently I would probably have under 2 billion. I’m guessing that 80-90% of players will not be as active as me. Therefore I really think the carriers are going to be less than 4 billion now. My personal revised guess for a basic carrier is now in the 2-4 billion range. I could of course be horribly wrong. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Beltalowda!
Talking money, I’m currently just shy of 8 Billion cash, with just over 15 billion in assets.

Still no real info on the September update. Not that it’s going to be very exciting for veteran players as this year had been all about getting new blood in the game. The other update for September are the ARXs which I’m really worried about. Is it the thin edge of the wedge for a play to win? Still seriously doubt Mr Braben would go that direction, however is not impossible.

September Update

On the 12th September Frontier stream about the September update. Basically it’s more new player focused material and the introduction of ARX. Nice UI update to replace the flat acceleration bars with chevrons in the HUD that point in the direction of acceleration, forwards or backwards. Nothing really to get excited about. Hopefully the price of Void Opals will not be nerfed in the update. I’m guessing not, I think they may have been introduced to try and get everyone’s bank balance up in time for carriers.

I now have just over 9 billion in cash. Frontier running a deal on the retro Thargoid Bobble head for just one ARX. Bought it with some free ARX I had acquired by playing the game.


I had found out a few days earlier that a friend at work also plays Elite, CMDR BooCat23, and I winged up with him on the 11th October.
As he was pretty poor in game I tutored him in Void Opal mining and jettisoned approx 55 opals for the purchase of a shiny new Python for mining. We then changed from open to group so that he would not get ganked by a real player on station to sell opals. Unfortunately somehow when switching game modes he was destroyed by someone. Mined another 50+ VOs and tried again, this time he made it back to a station and cashed them in.
My own cash levels now at 12.3 billion, assets at 19.6 billion.

A few days later winged up with BooCat23 for some pirate wing missions. Took my corvette, Steve took his FLD. Instancing issues, I was fighting the pirate, but Steve just saw him doing nothing.

Fleet Carriers Delayed AGAIN!

October 22 and Frontier announced that fleet carriers have been delayed, for a second time. Probably till the second quarter of 2020. They are going to focus on fixing bugs in the game.
Massive disappointment. This was the only thing I was looking forward too in the game. Even though the actual game play elements of Fleet Carriers are still unknown, at least it was a proper update with potential. Now it’s probably 9 or more months away.
The promise of the Interstellar Initiatives that were supposed to be engaging game play to fill in the gaps till the next big update in late 2020 have proven to be not much more than a couple of community goals surrounded by some story line. Possibly with a new asset being created for the game such as the Plaedes ferry, or a decal. Very disappointing.
Perhaps this focus on bug fixes is a reaction to the open letter sent to Frontier recently outlining the many broken aspects of the game.

Trying to get past the delay for fleet carriers, for a second time. Yes, all bugs need fixing, this should be a constant thing that Frontier should be working on, not offering up as a pseudo update. I get it that they have a limited number of people working on the game, however surely factoring in coders to fix broken things should be normal. Things I want to see fixed: Instancing, Wing Missions, Multi crew.

Cash is now at 15 billion. Feel safe now that I will have enough for a carrier. Bitter sweet as they are now on hold again.


On November 11th I visited the newly discovered Golconda generation ship in the Upaniklis system. This one actually has a complete crew of live humans on it, unlike most of the other generation ships that ended in disaster. Mind you this one is in trouble with need of medical assistance and some other basic materials. I joined the CC to ferry some medicine and Aluminium out to help the ship. Hope to get a decal out of it later. Think I managed to supply around 1,000 units of aid and ended up in the top 75%.

The second section to the Golconda Interstellar Initiatives is….. another Community Goal, yawn. Frontier really are not even trying with these Interstellar Initiatives. I believe the last one, something to do with fertiliser was basically THREE CGs back to back!!! Wow!

ARX stops Play

I’ve noticed that since the introduction of the ARX I seem to now stop playing when I reach the weekly ARX limit of 400.
When mining Void Opals I only seem to get around 10-12 Arx an hour so that would take me around 33 hours before I hit the max, so probably not going to happen.
However when I went mats farming at Dav’s Hope & The Bug Killer, then balanced out all the mats at the Materials trader I very quickly got some large number of ARX. So much so that in around 4 hours of play I had hit the 400 limit. So if Frontiers idea of getting people to play more to get some free ARX was the plan, it’s unfortunately had the opposite effect on me. I don’t want to be missing out on free ARX, therefore when the bucket of 400 is full I wait for the Thursday tick. Hopefully this limit will be at least doubled in the future.

January Update

Frontier announced that there will be an update in January 2020 that will be bug fixes. Still seems very odd to me that an ‘Update’ is just a series of bug fixes. Normally bug fixing is an ongoing thing that happens in the background without any great fanfare.

Chloe Sedesi

Unlocked the last Engineer Chloe Sedesi who specialises in Thrusters. She is basically a carbon copy of Professor Palin. This new engineer was created some months ago and looks like absolutely no effort went into her. Just a copy and paste of Palin then change the name and location. Shame, we could have got some new engineering goals, but no. Not sure why she was created. It would be nice to have engineers for fighters and SRVs.


On the 27th November Frontier have opened up a beta for all PC CMDRs to check out. Strangely its only active for five days. Because of the massive failure in recent quality control with new bugs being introduced at an alarming rate. Many other large bugs have been in place for a long time, some for years. Therefore I find it very odd that the beta to find bugs is only open for such a very short amount of time. Generally beta tests go on for about 3 weeks. Because of real life most people will only be able to play for a short period each week. Whats the reasoning for this by Frontier?
I did at this time upvote some bugs on the bug tracker system. Quickly found out that you can only vote on a maximum of 4 bugs.

One bit of good news is that in the next release your crewman will no longer be killed if your ship is destroyed. Now they also get an escape capsule and can be re-bought with some insurance, much like ship loss.
There is also an change in exploration to speed up the system scan process where a world with geological elements used to take up to 30 seconds to generate, now it will be faster, but instead of a definitive answer you now get an unlikely, likely, very likely, till you get closer to the body. not sure how I feel about this as I’ve never noticed this slow to generate issue myself, and I’ve done a fair bit of exploring in my time.

Forester’s Choice

At the start of December I got my Golconda reward, a decal. Unfortunately when I placed it on my ship it appeared reversed. Evidently this is a known bug. Decided to trade some of the new rare materials from the Galconda, Apa Vietii. I managed to buy some from the newly built and very cool looking Forester’s Choice. Unfortunately I could not sell it, the sell price listed as 0 and could not be selected from the sell menu. Another bug. Looks like Frontier quality control is at it’s usual low standard. Such a shame.

Around this time I took part in the 5 year anniversary CG event to get a shiny new Cobra paint job. Hopefully this is not buggy.

Free ARX

Over the days leading up to Xmas Frontier were offering ARX for just logging on, Think it varied from 100-500 ARX each day and it did not count towards your weekly limit, which was very nice.

New Card, New Monitor = 4K

On the 23rd December I bought a second hand 81cm (32inch) 4k monitor & GTX1060 GFX card from Arek at work. This enabled me to run Elite in 4k Ultra, just about. It generally runs at 60fps in space and drops to 30 inside a station or on a stellar body. It can sometimes drop below 30 briefly. But pretty pleased as both monitor and card were £400 in total. My old GTX770 was struggling in 2K, even with the GFX turned down a bit.
Now also have the horsepower to run VR if I want. Will have to think on that a bit.

Wish List

Things I would like to see in future updates, not in order:

  • Atmospheric Landings (Vegetation, oceans, life)
  • Instancing Issues fixed
  • Fix Arena (CQC). It’s almost impossible to get a game.
  • Caves
  • More life in the game in general, NPSs walking, driving etc.
  • More reason to wing up and multi crew
  • Higher rewards for being in open
  • Low security systems to be truly dangerous places. Currently you can’t really tell the difference between a high security system to an anarchy.
  • Ability to call for help if you are attacked, either help from NPCs or real players
  • System to put bounty on real players
  • More ground vehicles
  • More engineering
  • Gameplay involving gas giants


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