Elite Dangerous- 2019

Premonition For Christmas Tracey bought me Drew Wagars Elite Dangerous book “Premonition” and have been reading this for a bit. Feel this is much better than his last book and has some more info on the Hawking’s Gap mystery in… Continue reading

Religion Needs a Lot of Faith. Not Much Inquisition

Religion I must say that if anyone wants to believe in a religion then that’s fine by me, it’s your choice, well I hope it’s a choice, back to that later. Suffice to say if it works for you and… Continue reading

Wave-Particle Duality of Light

I think it’s about time I wrote about something that rocked my world and really got me interested in Quantum Physics. In an experiment carried out by Thomas Young over 200 years ago he proved that light travelled as a wave, however… Continue reading