Solid State Drives

I have a distrust of anything with moving parts. My favorite example of this is the incredibly inefficient, noisy and smelly internal combustion engine. It has so many moving parts flying around at high speed in different directions and containing… Continue reading

BT Tower – Englands Area 51

What’s 175 meters tall, is in the center of London, cost £2.5 million to build in 1966 and was until 1993 not on any map and indeed by taking a photo of it you were breaking the Official Secrets Act?… Continue reading

Washing Machines -RPM or RIP?

Is the humble washing machine sitting in your kitchen a potential Claymore waiting to explode? Your average washing machine has a drum approx 40cm in diameter. This enables you to load about 6 kg of clothes in one go. During… Continue reading

Concrete Buildings! Not in 2,000 years

I have found myself in the situation where I need to re-mortgage my flat to raise some money. I thought this would be no problem, however for some reason banks don’t like to lend on a property if it’s made… Continue reading