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Star Trek XI

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read until you have seen Star Trek XI The other week I finally got round to watching J.J.Abrahams working of Star Trek, which appears to be called ‘Star Trek’. There must have been some long days… Continue reading

HDTV – 1,080 Lines Good,625 Lines Bad

First came the horrible VHS with about 300 lines of vertical resolution, then the current DVD at about 600 lines, now HD or High Definition is here with 1,080i & 720p lines of resolution. HD is ready to make our… Continue reading

Lottery – W.O.P.R. Says Don’t Play

To win the UK lottery you need to get 6 correct numbers. There are 49 balls, 7 of these get randomly selected. The seventh is a bonus ball which we can forget about as it does not help win the… Continue reading