NFC Tags & Tasker on Android – Making smartphones smarter

Having read this blog back it does read a bit like Alan Partridge rambling on about his new Lexus. However this is not a blog on cars and leafy European highways, this is a blog about the Nexus and the… Continue reading

Nexus 7 – A wolf in electronic sheeps clothing

I have never really seen the point of the tablet computers, I have constantly been telling friends ‘I don’t get them, they are too expensive, what would you use one for?’ Then the other week I got a brand new… Continue reading

Google Music – The spice must flow

I had always thought that by this time phones would have at least 32gig of space built in and that micro SD cards would be in the 64 Gig range. Unfortunately we are not there yet. This may be a… Continue reading

Protected: Holiday in Lanzarote

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Me and my Droid

My old cell phone, a Nokia 82, lasted me 2 years and is still a very capable phone, but with the Symbian60 Operating System (OS) reaching the end of life and the appeal of a large touch screen display with… Continue reading