BT Tower – Englands Area 51

What’s 175 meters tall, is in the center of London, cost £2.5 million to build in 1966 and was until 1993 not on any map and indeed by taking a photo of it you were breaking the Official Secrets Act?
No idea? You may get it if I tell you that in 1972 it was knocked down by a giant kitten called Twinkle. Well OK that did not happen, only in a episode of the Goodies called “Kitten Kong”.
BT Tower

One final clue. In 1971 it was bombed. Strangely nobody accepted responsibility for it. But then again I guess you can’t claim responsibility for bombing something that does not exist.

Yes it’s the British Telecom Tower at 60 Cleveland Street, London.

BT Tower is made from 13,000 tonnes of my favorite building material, concrete. At the time of opening was the tallest building in London. Yet it did not officially exist.
America has Area 51 in the Nevada desert which they say does not exist (Area51 that is, not the desert itself) but the installation can be seen from nearby mountain tops and on aerial photographs. At least Area 51 is in a desert away from civilisation. How in the wide, wide world of sports the British government thought they could keep a 30+ floor building in the center of the capital city a secret I have no idea.

Another interesting fact about the tower is that entry to the building is provided exclusively by two internal high-speed lifts that travel at six metres a second (22 km/h), taking 30 seconds to reach the top, making Telecom Tower the only building in the country which is allowed to be evacuated by lift (an oddity which required Parliamentary legislation to be passed).


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