Elite Dangerous – 2020

On the 11th January I purchased the new Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display, the Oculus Quest. After looking for a VR headset since 2014 this one finally fit the bill. Unfortunately it took me till the 14th to get it to work with Elite. Basically all the USB A to USB C cables I owned could not maintain the data xfer speed required. It needs to sustain 5gbps and only a few cables support this. So ordered one from Anker and it arrived on Tuesday 14th, just in time for the January bug fix release of Elite.
Message from the future: Do not buy an Oculus VR headset, see this article for why.

So now have the ability to play in glorious, emersive VR. My first impressions were very good. I was worried about not being able to read the HUD with relatively low rez, however this all seems fine, except sometimes the lat/lon and G readings are hard to see. For some reason this info is actually projected outside of the ship, therefore farther away than all the other displays. Not a big deal.
The display is a PenTile OLED 1440 × 1600 per eye @ 72 Hz, not too shabby at all, especially at the amazing price of the Quest. The OLED is great for Elite with the lower black levels. The relatively low frame rate does not seem to be an issue, would have been better if it could do 90 Hz, however think that may have my 2nd hand GTX1060 card struggling.
The field of view is approx. 95′ and I thought this would be like looking through a motorbike helmet, I was pleasantly surprised that I am not conscious of having a restricted view. As human vision is approx 220′ FOV this is impressive.
I had to disable the ‘Idle Hands’ animation in VR as it was causing a big disconnect in my head each time I saw the in game hands move when mine did not.
Great to finally experience the game in VR. It was certainly worth the wait.


The bug fixes for the new release were underwhelming to be honest. Some of the main things listed were heat mechanics on the Dolphin. Was this a major problem? Could we not have fixed Multicrew or instancing? All this instead of Fleet Carriers or atmospheric landings. C’mon Frontier.

Solo Cyclops

On the 21st January I flew my Krait MK2, outfitted with an anti Xeno build, to Obsidian Orbital in the Maia system. After a little re-fit to add a couple more gauss cannons I set out to get a Thargoid heart. I have taken on Cyclops Interceptors before and can normally take down one heart. The plan here was to get that one heart to trade in for the Thargoid Bobblehead. This time when I started fighting with the Cyclops I finally got the hang of the gun and run tactics, perhaps more importantly I got good with the flac cannon for destroying the Thargons. These two skills combined and before I knew it I had taken down two hearts.
During one of the ‘run’ sessions I had to use the AMFU to repair the canopy and life support then turned around, decimated the swarm and took down a third heart. Then a fourth and the Cyclops was down to 5% hull. It put out a new swarm of 32, which I ignored. I knew that if I took out the Cyclops the swarm would die. So put full pips to weapons and boosted straight at it. It died as planned and I waited a bit till I thought the acidic cloud had dissipated to scoop the heart, it had not dissipated. Started taking a lot of caustic damage but did scoop the heart. Then boosted and fired the weapons to cook the ship and burn off the corrosion. This worked, but not before the cargo bay failed and the heart fell out. Had to quickly repair the cargo bay and re-scoop the heart.
Sold it at Obsidian Orbital, not realising that you have to deliver it to a trader as well as 10 units of meta alloys to get the bubblehead. However was an amazing gaming experience, probably the best in Elite I’ve ever had, especially as it was all in VR. Real white knuckles stuff. Playing in pancake land on a flat screen is great, playing in VR and you are IN a spaceship, night and day.

The next day I tried going head to head with another Cyclops. This time I ran out of ammo for the flac canon so broke off the fight. I forgot that I could have synthesised some more ammo, however in the confusion of it all I missed that trick.
After repair & rearm I went out again and this time managed to take out another Cyclops. I waited till I thought the caustic cloud had dissipated and flew in to scoop the heart. Unfortunately the cloud was still active. Never mind. I scooped the heart then went silent running and boosted to cook the ship and burn off the caustic material. Then I flew to Darnielle’s Progress in Maia to purchase some Meta Alloys.
When I was coming in to land I checked that the precious cargo was OK, it had vanished. The cargo bay was at 5% health and I guess at some point the scoop failed and opened and the heart fell out. Possibly during the cooking process. Great shame.

Another day another Thargoid soloed. This time I waited long enough for the caustic cloud to dissipate. Scooped the heart and then. Flew to Darnielle’s Progress ground base in Maia and bought 10 units of meta alloys, which took about an hour and a half as you only seem to have one unit available every 10 minutes. I could have gone searching for barnacle sites to mine but could not be arsed. Flew the Krait back to a nearby station to swap out to my DBX, with it’s fuel scoop and long jump range to get me to a Tech Broker. As the cargo racks in the DBX were not corrosion resistant some of my systems were degraded. However it was only 5 or 6 jumps back to a Tech broker at Polya Station in the Harrigi system. When there I was able to hand in the 10 Meta Alloys and one Thargoid heat for my Thargoid bobblehead. Right on Commander!

Supply and Demand

Early February and there now appears to be a new dynamic monetary system around mining. The stations now seem to employ some supply and demand algorithm which more accurately reflects real world economies. Subsequently the price of Void Opals has finally come down. Thankfully I’ve made my billions and am extremely fed up with mining so that fine by me.

Real world investment

On the 5th February Frontier had a half year earnings call at around 11:00. The share prices just before that time was around 1,420. A short while after this announcement the prices plummeted, not good news for Frontier.
Good news for me as at 13:00 I decided to have a bit of a punt and buy 110 shares @ the new low, low price of 1,260 each. Almost exactly 12 hours later I sold them for 1,419.2, making approx 11.22% on my investment, a tidy £160 profit after SDRT & commission. Pretty pleased with that. So I guess now the game has paid for itself.
Whilst on the subject of money; at the end of December in 2019 I have played a total of 105 days (2,520 hours). The game cost about £45 with the Lifetime Expansion Pass at £130, Plus £50 in ARX. So I’ve spent £225 in total on Elite Dangerous.
That’s a very good entertainment time to money ratio. A film is around 2 hours @ £7, or £3.50 per hour. ED works out to £0.07 per hour. Amazing value which will only get better as time goes on.


11th February I went solo against my first Basilisk Interceptor. These are very similar to the Cyclops variant except that they have 5 hearts, a faster top speed of 450 m/s and release swarms of 64 Thargons. Of these 3 main differences the speed is the main problem for me. I simply can’t outrun it very easy, even with flight assist off, and therefore have no time to repair, re-arm and charge shields between engagements.
This first encounter I did not even remove one heart. I ended up breaching the canopy and things went to pot very quickly after that.
The second Basilisk encounter I managed to take down one heart but then had to return to base as I had suffered too much damage.

18th Feb. Having gotten quite good at taking down Cyclops in my Krait so I decided to take out my Cutter which is now outfitted for anti Xeno combat. After a shaky start I did manage to take down 2 more Cyclops. Felt it was easier with the Krait as its faster and more nimble. Guess the Cutter was safer as the shields and hull strength are so much tougher.

Around this time I started reading the book Lave Revolution by Allen Stroud.

Easy Materials

Found new systems, courtesy of D2EA for collecting Raw materials that are extremely efficiently. The two following systems have all the grade 4 Raw materials in great supply except for Selenium.

  • HIP 36601 – C 1 a – Polonium
  • HIP 36601 – C 1 d – Ruthenium
  • HIP 36601 – C 3 b – Tellurium
  • HIP 36601 – C 5 a – Technetium
  • Outotz LS-K d8-3 – B 7 b – Ruthenium
  • Outotz LS-K d8-3 – B 5 a – Yttrium
  • Outotz LS-K d8-3 – B 5 c – Antimony


Played my first game of CQC since 2017. Historically it’s notoriously difficult to join a game, you can wait in the lobby for someone else to join for twenty plus minutes, often much longer. So I was surprised after just a couple of minutes to enter a match with two other people.
I’m on level 2 ‘Mostly Helpless’ and there was one guy in there one level above me and the third player was level 50, which I guess is Elite or even Prestiege! So much for player balancing. Mind you I guess we were the ONLY 3 people on CQC. Still seems a bit unfair as the level 50 was obviously taking us out no problem, somewhat demoralising.
Still, amazing I managed to get a match and was much more fun playing in VR as having your head on a swivel is a big advantage to such Close Quarters Combat.
Found out that there is a CQC gathering every Sunday at 20:00GMT. May have to check that out. They also have a discord at https://discord.me/elitedangerouscqc for arranging a match.

No News

There has been no new Galnet articles for about a month now. For me personally this is not a big deal. I never read the articles unless there was some specific mission I was on and wanted some background. Even since they introduced Galnet in audio in game which made it much easier to digest I hardly never used it.
Drew Wagar and author of a couple of Elite Dangerous books argued that the Galnet articles were essential to the game and a great deal to the world of Elite. I can understand his argument, however I think I would rather have money being spent on something like Atmospheric landings rather than writing some news articles. People often say that elite is thousands of light years across but just a few centimetres deep. Articles can ad to this depth, but game play is more important.
If Galnet was used more as part of game loops it would work much better. You may read in Galnet about a commodity being very plentiful and cheap at a certain station and head out there to make a huge profit. Or some good new mining ring found in x system etc.
These sorts of articles could be automatically created and would therefore not need any dev time at all after set up.

1st March. Technically I soloed my first Basilisk. It was about to jump when I shot it and it got stuck in a hyperspace cloud. She could not move or shoot, neither could the swarm. So it was easy to take it down. Just had to wait for the shields to dissipate.

CQC Sunday

8th March. Got onto CQC Sunday and spent an hour playing. Was good fun as I did manage to have battles with people more on my level. Still had the occasional person multiple levels above me but was a much better experience.
Managed to rank up to Amateur @ 0%. Kill/Death ratio 0.7, Win/Loss 0.3. Perhaps in the dearth of any new material in the main game then 2020 should see me ranking up in CQC to make quad Elite. Could be tough as I will only have a few Sunday evenings I will be able to play.

9th March. As the real world stock markets crashed due to COVID-19 I thought it would be a good time to buy some more Frontier stock for fun. So I bought 60 shares of FDEV @ 1,093. Hopefully they will rise to approx 1,400 in a few weeks where they where before the crash.
Set off for Hutton Orbital in my beloved DBX ‘Joe Le Taxi’ at 11:26, arrived 12:50. So that’s 84 minutes from star to station, insane! Bought 12 Hutton Mugs. An old friend, Chris appeared online.

10th March. My FDEV shares shot up the next morning to 1,270, some 13% rise, so I sold them making approx £90 profit after charges etc. Found out later that the reason they suddenly rose was because Frontier announced a new F1 Management Game. How lucky was that? Now made up for what I spent on ARX in game and then some.

The Silverbacks

16th March. Was playing some CQC and got owned by someone called Obi-Wan in a few matches. Gave up on that for a bit and went into the main game for some anti-xeno fun and who should appear in that same system but Obi-Wan. What are the chances? Of all the star systems in all the galaxy???
We winged up and took down some Cyclops Interceptors. He is part of a squadron called ‘The Silverbacks‘ and invited me in, so left D2EA, which I had done nothing with since joining when Squadrons was first launched.

The next day I winged up with Obi-Wan and J.P. Went out Thargoid Cyclops hunting. Took out about 8 of them. Was introduced to instakill by everyone firing Shard Cannons at once. Must get some for my Cutter.

19th March. Watched Star Trek Picard s01e09 and in the sequence before the credits they were attacked by a Thargoid Interceptor. I was all ‘I’ll take the con, I know what to do.’

On CQC I am now Amateur at 21%, 1,463 in Inara Rankings. I have the target of ranking up to level 50, I believe at that rank it opens the permit locked system CD-43 11917.

26th March. Frontier let us know that there will be a fleet carrier video out in a weeks time, shortly followed by a beta. This is good news indeed. With all the Covid-19 nonsense going about I was very worried this would all be delayed, again.

Ranked up with the local factions at Arexe, The Silverbacks home system, which was also one of the core worlds in the original 1984 game of Elite. Guessing I may have been to this system way back in the 80s. Very cool to have our home in an original system.

28th March. Met up with about 20 other CMDRs on a big bug hunt in Asterope. Unfortunately I kept getting disconnects and instancing issues which caused a lot of issues. Shame that Frontier seem unable to remedy this. Such a basic function of a multiplayer game.

Whilst chatting to Obi he suggested using the throttle in full range mode for better combat skills. Normally the throttle will range from zero at the full back position with full throttle on the full forward position, with a button to toggle the throttle to reverse. With full range full forward is still full power, but now full back is full reverse, with the centre point being stop. As there is no ‘notch’ at the centre position you have to do this via a bit of guess work which makes landing very tricky.
My solution was to bond a couple of bits of matchstick in the centre position and add some flexible plastic to the throttle so that in indexes with the matchsticks making it a bit stickier when the throttle is at zero. This makes life much easier. Obi was correct, it does make flying in combat much more intuitive. I later changed out this system for a couple of neodymium magnets glued to the throttle, this worked better than the matchsticks.

29th March. Winged up for some Low Temperature Diamond (LTD) mining. Built a new Cutter for the job. Ended up making approx. 500 million in a couple of hours. Did the same amount the next day, now have over 17 billion in cash.


14th April. Running massacre missions against the Tollan Hand Gang in the Tollan system. Picked up the missions next door from Nanomam. There are a lot of these missions and if you pick them up from different factors they will stack. Therefore if you have a massacre mission to kill 70 from 1 factor, 50 from another and 60 from a third, then killing just one Tollan Hand Gang member will count as one for each mission.
Good fun fighting against these guys with my Corvette & SLF. Made approx. 100 million in bounties this way.
I believe there is an even better deal going at Epsilon Hydri will have to check that out.

Been playing a little CQC and now at Amatuer 67%, Rank 23 in the game & 1,097 in Inara. It now looks like getting to Elite in CQC is not going to be an attainable goal as you have to prestige 5 times! Getting to the prestige level once for me is probably over a year away.

16th April. Now moved my Vet down to Sterny’s Refuge in the Munshin system for more massacre missions, this time against the player faction Corvos and the NPC faction Epsilon Hydri Crimson Council in the Epsilon Hydri system . I believe there are lots of these massacre missions to be had here, however even after ranking up with all the local factions I’m not seeing a lot of these missions.

23rd April. Now played a total of 13.5 hours of CQC. Now ranked 26, Amatuer @ 87%, Kill/Death Ratio of 0.692, Win/Loss 0.222, 202 Kills. Rank 957 on Inara.
Now finally have the fabled Heat Beam unlocked. Right on Commander!

Update Delay

1st May. Frontier announce that the new update that was scheduled for the end of the year has now been delayed. Not good news at all. Guessing it will now be March or April of 2021 till we see this update.

5th May. Been out for some more LTD mining and now have 22 billion in cash with 30 billion in assets. Most money I’ve ever had in game. Will go down considerably after I purchase a Fleet Carrier. Thinking of naming it ‘Mudd’s Folly’.
Aligned with Zemina Torval to get the Mining Lance. This MAY be useful for placing on the nacelles of the Cutter. The Lance has a much longer range than the standard mining laser at around 2km and as they are mounted so far back on the cutters nacelles it will mean that I wont have to fly as close to asteroids. The downside is that they harvest slower, however as they will make contact earlier this may even out. Bit crazy that you have to grind for a month to get this item and it may not be an improvement over the stock mining lasers.

End of may and I now have 23.3 billion cash, 31.2 billion assets. CQC stats now as follows: Rank 34, XP 82,150, Hours 24, Kills 421, K/D 0.808, W/L 0.213, Inara Score 3,614, Inara Rank 419, Profits 288,097.


3rd June. Was doing some Scout shredding in Celano, getting harassed by HALT when I saw a lot of traffic in the squadron comms regarding a link in Discord. Went to Discord and found a youtube link from Frontier, tried to play it but was unavailable. Read down the thread and found someone had recorded the video. It was a cinematic teaser for space legs. I remember the only thing a really took in on that first viewing was that it was set on a planetary body with an atmosphere. OK so it looked to be a barren rocky world, pretty much what we had already, however IT HAD AN ATMOSPHERE. My dreams of landing on an LV-426 world had drawn nearer.

I saw this video at approx 13:00 and thought that this must have leaked. As the community had been starved of any content in approx 2 years we finally got fleet carriers scheduled to launch in six days, so the community was buzzing about that news. Why then steal Fleet Carriers thunder by announcing this new era material, which we now know as Odyssey?
I tweeted the news an hour later, then about an hour after that the Odyssey video published again, from the official Frontier account. A little later and the Frontier web site updated with New Era info, tweets and emails also appeared. So it was now officially official.

I think someone at Frontier accidently published the video, retracted it, then as they realised that people had seen it, and recorded it they had two options, keep quiet about it or roll out all the update info. They went with the latter. The cat was out of the bag.
I honestly think they would save this for at least a month after Fleet Carriers had launched. Great news about the atmos landings.

The next day and it was confirmed that Frontier was not supporting VR for the New Era, aka Odyssey. So on the year I decide to FINALLY dive into VR after procrastinating for half a decade, they cut support for it! I guess it may happen in the future. Such a shame though as yesterday was such a high and the very next day we crashed down with the pancake only playstyle.

Mudd’s Folly

9th June. Fleet Carriers launched and I bought one from Clark Port in the Ehlanda system, I christened it Mudd’s Folly, licence plate XHW-84Z. Initially fitted it out with everything except for Redemption Office and Black Market. Later I removed the Outfitting as I never used it. Upkeep each week should be approx. 20 million, very affordable at just over a billion a year. I can make that much in around 7 hours of mining. Hopefully they wont Nerf mining now.

Having the carrier is more useful that I had imagined. Just for the fact that you can transfer your LTDs from your mining ship to the carrier is great. having all your ships in one place that you can move anywhere in 15 minutes is super useful.

Thargoid Device

18th June. Decided to try and turn on the Thargoid Device inside the structure on HIP 14909 2 A -26.5 -27.5. It requires three things to operate, a Thargoid Probe, Sensor and link. The link can be found in the structure itself and Sensors can be easily located on HIP 17403 A 4 -34.98 -141.41.
The probes are much trickier. I think the best bet is to find a Non Human Signal Source Threat 5 and drop in. If you are lucky it will have a probe in it. Problem is that some 5s are scouts and most 5s have Interceptors that may open fire on you, especially if you have any Thargoid materials on you.
So as I had my Anti-Xeno Krait MK2 parked at Celaeno I fitted it with some corrosion resistant cargo bays and flew out to Pleiades Sector KC-U B3-1 where these probes are supposed to spawn.
It did take a few attempts to find a threat 5 with a Probe, one had one but the Interceptor tractor beamed it up before I could scoop it. However after about 5 drops I found one and took it back the Celano.
Now the problem was that I was in my Krait and could not swap to my Asp Explorer with anything in the hold. So had to jump my Carrier down, dock with the carrier, transfer probe to carrier, swap ships, load probe to Asp. All somewhat convoluted but worked. Also stocked up with a Sensor and winged up with Chris to head out to the alien structure.
We did manage to get it working after correctly inserting the three items. Last time we tried this was 3 years ago, so was good to finally complete this game loop.


30th June. Played my first game of CQC in around two weeks. Stats now: Rank 36, XP 93,960, Hours 29, Kills 492, K/D 0.772, W/L 0.189, Inara Score 3,815, Inara Rank 412, Profits 363,199.
The new queuing system, introduced with the recent carrier update, crashed on me so that was a shame. Pretty quick to get a game, however not many people playing still, and it’s usually prestige people or N00bs. So balancing still a massive issue. Such a shame, as if you could get placed with people of a similar skill it would be a much better experience. Still good fun to play, especially Team Death Match (TDM) with Squad friends.


13 Jul SAP8 now back in the game. Nobody really knows what they are used for, they mysteriously vanished from the game years ago. I flight tested a Cutter called Pi-R8 (Pirate) fitted with hatch breaker limpets and collectors etc to try and pirate some SAP8 units. Tested in an Anarchy system first.
Ran some missions for The Dark Wheel to help along the ‘Turning the Wheel’ initiative.

Killed a couple of Cyclopes and collected hearts for ‘The Art of War’ player run CG. Should get a decal from this effort.

28th July. Played some CQC and ranked up to Professional. This was the first goal of mine for CQC, now my rating reads; Elite, Elite, Elite, Professional, which is much better than Elite, Elite, Elite, Mostly Helpless. My next major goal is to make Rank 50 and prestige to unlock the CD-43 11917 system.
At the current rate I’m progressing this probably won’t be for another two years. Elite in CQC is probably unobtainable for me. I’ll settle for Professional.

31st August. Found out that the Silverbacks home Arexe was under attack. Flew my carrier down there and ran some missions and handed in some bounties to help us maintain control. Looks like the invasion is from Independent Leesti for Equality, this is an adopted player faction.

Not played very much Elite or CQC at all this month, been playing X-plane 11 quite a bit.

CQC Stats now: 4% Professional. Rank 38, XP 111,565, Hours 34, Kills 576, K/D 0.8, W/L 0.2, Inara Score 20,179 Inara Rank 408, Profits 442,459.


3rd September. Another one of The Silverbacks systems is under threat, Gurney Slade. At the tick on Thursday the system will be at war with the Orrere Energy Company. Looks to be an NPC faction, not sure if they are associated with the Independent Leesti for Equality. Not sure how the background simulation (BGS) works. Going to be lots of Silverbacks running conflict zones against the invaders. Bumped into Chris who joined in the war.

9th September. We won the war at Gurney and have also gained power in Arexi so all good there. Having issues still with the ILE. They have an installation in Arexe called ‘Universal Trade Board’ and Toberius amongst others were running some hit and run missions against ILE ships. This is helping to keep the ILE in a state of retreat. I believe that after 6 days or so in this state they will be kicked out of the system. They first went into retreat on the 7th September and have an influence of 1%, whilst The Silverbacks are in boom @ 50.6%. Pretty sure ILE will not be able to recover from this assault, should certainly have them demoralised. Will be interesting to see the percentages tomorrow morning at 10:30ish game time when the daily tick occurs.
As he was targeting any ships of an ILE allegiance, this is murder and illegal. It does help out cause in Arexe however, so decided to join in on the murder hobo fun. Took my Vulture ‘Horta’ down there with twin APAs and had us a blast.
All this killing of innocent NPCs quickly got my notoriety to the maximum level of 10. I believe this decays at one point every 2 hours, so after I stop murdering people it should take 20 hours of gameplay to get back to normal.
Having such high notoriety gets the attention of the ATR or Advanced Tactical Response. These specialised units are tasked to take down high scoring notoriety players. All the ATR pilots are Elite and fly heavily armed and engineered ships. So when these guys turn up it’s time to do a brave Sir Robin. Even then you may not get away, hence taking the relatively cheap Vulture with just a 1.5 million rebuy. Also if they take you down, you end up in prison and have to pay a rebuy and then fly back some 100ly from the nearest detention centre. However all worth if for the fun gameplay and protecting our home system.

12th September. Galnet is back and a story about stations being destroyed by humans with Thargoid tech. So I built a rescue conda and rescued a ton of people from the burning station in Cemiss. Seems the right thing to do after a couple of weeks of murder.

30th September. CQC Stats now: 11% Professional. Rank 39, XP 121,310, Hours 37, Kills 627, K/D 0.749, W/L 0.163, Inara Score 20,482 Inara Rank 381, Profits 497,185.

Took part in the deliver the rares to Baal CG ‘HAROLD DUVAL MEMORIAL CEREMONY‘. Built a small ship for the job, a Dolphin. Worked very well.

9th October. Took my carrier on an engineer tour to enhance all my ship modules with special effects. This was a very efficient method of engineering my fleet.

17th October. My Quest VR headset stopped working. My Oculus account appears to have vanished. Opened a ticked with Oculus the next day.

18th October. Docked my Krait MK2 anti-xeno ship ‘Bugaboo’ onto Rotwhylr’s Carrier ‘Ultimum Arce Canis’ (JFW-B2Z) who very kindly flew me the 700ly to the Witch Head Nebula for the community goal ‘THARGOIDS RETURN TO WITCH HEAD NEBULA‘, basically pushing back the Thargoids. Winged up with Rotwhylr, Toberius and John Boots and amongst other victories we took down a Thargoind Baselisk Interceptor. A couple of days later and thanks to some Silverbacks I’m in the top 10% or commanders for this CG. Will be interesting to see what the surprise reward will be.
The CG ended and my contributions were 68,400,000 credits, which I was very happy with.
Caught a lift back to the bubble with CMDR Mindao on his carrier ‘Flying Circus (V4K-71F)

20th October. My first visit to Pomech 2C. The famous ravine racing planet with some truly stunning scenery and crazy high mountain ranges.

31st October. CQC Stats now: 15% Professional. Rank 40, XP 132,775, Hours 41, Kills 689, K/D 0.7, W/L 0.2, Inara Score 20,785 Inara Rank 373, Profits 575,203.

Pancake Land

It’s been 2 weeks now since my Oculus account vanished and I have therefore been unable to play any VR games. That includes all the games I bought in my Oculus library, but also PC games that have nothing to do with Oculus. Without a functioning account the headset wont let you do a thing! I have read that many people are in the same boat as me, pretty shocking stuff, having bought an expensive headset and games then unable to play them at all.
There have been a couple of emails saying Oculus are looking into it and to be patient. Nothing else. I tried a couple of times on the live chat service, however this is just people giving out apologies and repeating that I will get a response soon.
It’s a great shame. I really liked the Oculus Quest, however after getting shafted I can no longer recommend this device. I was going to upgrade to the Quest 2, but now that’s not going to happen. Looking at the HP Reverb G2 instead.

16th November. Was taking part in two Community Goals on the Musca Dark Region PJ-P B6-1 system in the Coal Sack Nebula. The Megaship ‘Spirit of Nysa’ was requesting materials to be delivered and combat bonds paid for protecting the system from Thargoids. Both were very profitable and if you got in the top 25% you would get a double engineered Jump drive size 5 module.
I got into the top 25%, almost 10% for the trade buy using my carrier. Also had help from CMDR Rotwhylr loading up the Folly.
I only made it into the top 75% of the combat goal because of limited time. However when the CC closed, Frontier lowered the bar on both to 75%, so got two modules. Nice.
Also mad a pretty penny from the trading.

19th November. Signed up for a free copy of Elite Dangerous on Epic Games. Will probably never use the account, but it’s free, so what the hell.


Frontier stated that they are looking into making a balancing pass at profits from various professions in Elite. On Monday 23rd November they will lower the profits for mining. As I have a carrier full of Painite, Palladium, Low Temp Diamonds and other assortments I had to do a quick run around the bubble selling it all before the crash. Ended up dumping around a billion credits on the economy.
Will be interesting in a couple of weeks when they look into the earnings around combat. Combat has always been a low earner which makes no sense in world as it’s a high skill area with high risks. However if combat paid the most I don’t think anyone would bother with mining or trading etc as it so dull. So sorta makes sense out of game that the combat pay is so low.

25th November. Took delivery of a 55inch 4K OLED LG TV. Insanely big, but works a treat for playing Elite Dangerous. Considering the last TV I bought, back in the mid 90’s was a 32inch SD CRT which sported a SCART connector and it’s top selling feature was NICAM, this new telly is quite the upgrade.

30th Nov. CQC Stats now: 22% Professional. Rank 41, XP 144,060, Hours 43, Kills 752, K/D 0.766, W/L 0.194, Inara Score 21,138 Inara Rank 358, Profits 660,379.

11th December. Whilst working on a nightshift I got an alert regarding a new Elite Dangerous Video. Most recently have been pretty dull to be honest. This one got my attention because of the time it was published, around 01:30. First I thought it may be another erroneously released video and checked it out.
What I got was the first bit of ‘gameplay‘ footage of Odyssey, and boy was it good.

Looks like a release date has leaked also, it’s set for the 21st April 2021. Disappointing. I was banking on it being out in late March.

Oculus Quest / Facebook Farce

Talking of disappointing, my Oculus Quest account is still lost and the Oculus helpline are of no help at all. Now two months since the account was lost and all I have had is ‘We are looking into it.’ Absolutely no further now to getting it resolved as I was 2 months ago!
Because of this I’ve been unable to play ANY VR games, via the headset itself of via the PC. So no Elite in VR!
Luckily I bought the headset and games via credit card, so will have to get them to fight for me to get my money back.
I was a big supporter of Oculus Quest at the start of the year. Will NEVER buy anything from them again.
To get VR back in my life it looks like I will have to get a new VT headset. Looking at the HP Reverb G2, it will not run on my slow PC so will need to build a new one in the new year.


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