Creationism, Dinosaurs and Noodles


Most Creationists believe that the Bible should be taken literally, it’s a document of fact. They reject Evolution. All their hopes and faith are put in this one book.

To them; life the Universe and everything was created by God, in six days, well five I guess, he evidently spent the sixth day creating all the animals, this included Dinosaurs. Which means that Dinosaurs co-existed with Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. Strange that in all the excavations carried out around the globe show us that the time when dinosaurs lived is nowhere near where you find humans, chronologically speaking. I guess hard evidence is not going to sway these guys. But then they don’t need it, they have God on there side after all.

The Bible says in Genesis 1:29–30 that the original animals (and the first humans) were commanded to be vegetarian. Try telling a T-Rex or Tiger it’s on a diet suitable for a rabbit, would like to have been in on that meeting. Why would God ‘design’ a T-Rex with rows of sharp teeth and claws if it was just to eat plants? Why did he create all these predatory animals with claws, talons, stingers & poison if all they needed to do was graze?
Oh, and God created all the animals including Man to be immortal. It was only after Adam took a bite out of an apple that God decided to punish everyone by giving them a finite lifespan then killing them. Pretty tough justice for some scrumping. His planet, his rules I guess.

What other things might you be told by a Creationists?

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is HUGE; 446km long, varies in width from 6.4 to 29km and attains a depth of 1.83km. Creationists say it was carved out by water erosion. Bravo, that is indeed how it was created. Problem is they say it happened in about 40 days. Why 40 days? Well that’s how long it rained for during ‘The Flood’ or Deluge. Then for the next 150 days Earth was underwater.
Geologists estimates The Grand Canyon was carved by the Colorado river over a course of six million years. The Grand Canyon is made of pretty solid stuff, rock. Water will wear rock away as any educated person would know, but it takes time, a LOT of time. A simple test of running water over rock for 40 days will not create a Grand Canyon. Honestly, It really won’t.

The Great Flood

According to the Bible it rained for 40 days and flooded the entire Earth covering even the tallest mountain by 6 meters for 150 days. Five hundred million cubic kilometres of water. That is how much water you would need to flood the Earth to cover Everest by 6 meters. For that gargantuan amount of H20 to fall in 40 days it would have needed to rain on average 220 meters per day!

What was the Earth like after the waters had subsided? Would the plant life have been killed off? It was after all under water for at least 150 days. If not it sure must have taken a long time to re-assert itself. What effect would it have had on the atmosphere without any oxygen being produced?
An event of that magnitude would have left it’s mark on the Earth. Over that 150 day period 99.9999999999999999% or all land based life would have died (some animals were allegedly saved by Noah and family, more of them in a bit), that’s going to leave some mark, some evidence. There is no evidence for a planet wide flood, lack of evidence is a recurring theme for Creationism.

If all the land animals not on the Ark died during the flood, we would expect the fossil record to be a hopelessly jumbled mess, with human bones being mixed up with dinosaur bones and Trilobites. What we actually find is a neatly layered set of strata that appear to be in chronological order, showing the evolutionary development from early, simple creatures up to modern, complex creatures. Thus supporting the Evolutionary view.

Noah’s Ark

CreationismThe Bible has specific dimensions for the Arc, it was supposedly 157 m long by 26.2 m wide and 15.7 m in height. Pretty big, but by no way big enough to carry two of every land based animal species on Earth. Lets not forget those pesky dinosaurs were also knocking about, some of them were pretty large you know.

Not only do you need a huge amount of space for the animals themselves but you also need all the support that goes with it such as food and water. Imagine how much food you would need to stock up on to feed two of every species on Earth per day, then multiply that by 150 days (5 months).
Noah, his wife and there three sons; Shem, Ham, Japheth and there wives would have had to haul some major arse feeding, watering, treating and shovelling shit around the clock for there 5 month voyage. I should imagine the crew of the good ship Ark would have been pretty glad when that dove finally came back with an olive branch.

How was every species on Earth collected? From Polar bear to Bengal Tiger? Must have been a logistical nightmare, guess God must have pitched up. How do you stop the T-Rex’s from eating the other animals? But wait, I hear you ask, if the dinosaurs got on the Arc why are they not knocking about today? According to Creationism dinosaurs went extinct after disembarking, possibly had something to do with the terrible conditions on board Noah’s dumb boat.

If there were only 2 of each species then the gene pool would have been totally inadequate. People know what happens if you breed from a small gene pool, animals are born with a whole lot more defects than you would normally get and are generally unhealthy. This is why thoroughbred dogs and cats etc. are notoriously fragile.

Complexity of Life

This on the base of it would appear to be a very good argument for Creationism. How on Earth could something as complex as an human come into existence by chance? It’s often equated to a tornado passing through a scrapyard and assembling a perfectly working 747.
Well, complex animals did not come about by chance at all, it was by a process of selection over billions of years, a natural selection of the best adapted creature to it’s environment. Mutations occur in a species over millions of years that will make it either better suited or less suited to its environment. The mutations for the better survive and the mutations that don’t work are slowly reduced in number. This is evolution. It’s an eloquent system and explains how complex system such as Man can exist.
Creationists will say how can the eye evolve, what good is half an eye? Also what good is half a wing? This would warrant a whole section in itself so I will simply ask anyone who is curios to click on the links above. It makes for fascinating and enlightening reading. Most of all it makes sense, it’s a sensible solution to the question.

Creationists often talk about there ‘scientific proof’, however it’s anything but. Science is a strictly logical approach to a problem. It works like this:

As Creationists think they already have the ‘correct’ answers they just try to find some way of making there views work in our world. It’s certainly not a scientific approach in any way shape or form. Therefore a ‘Creationist Scientist’ is a major oxymoron.
I would like to ask any Creationists if they think there is a problem with the Scientific Method as listed above? If there is, what’s wrong with it? Surely it’s a cornerstone of common sense. If they do see the undeniable logic to it why do they not employ this method?

I have nothing about people holding there own opinions on the world, I honestly don’t. The problem I have with Creationism is that it does not stand up to scientific analysis but it is being taught in in schools, sometimes in place of Evolution! According to an ABC news  poll 60% of Americans believe that “God created the world in six days.” Now this was all very entertaining when it was state-side but I have heard it gaining momentum in the UK.

If something as daft as Creationism can be taught as FACT to our children it could open the flood gates for any number of crazy ideas. Next your children may end up being taught about The Flying Spaghetti Monster as fact. Lets hope nobody will be touched by it’s noodly appendage.

It has to be better to teach people ideas that have been tested and proven using the scientific method, or at worst the best hypothesis that fits the facts. Why take the Bible as fact in face of all common sense and much more logical theories?

Putting your understanding of the Universe in the Bible is the surrender of reason.




  1. Hi there! This post couldn’t be written much better! Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I will forward this information to him. Fairly certain he will have a very good read. Thank you for sharing!

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