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Religion Needs a Lot of Faith. Not Much Inquisition

Religion I must say that if anyone wants to believe in a religion then that’s fine by me, it’s your choice, well I hope it’s a choice, back to that later. Suffice to say if it works for you and… Continue reading

Elite Dangerous

  Elite (1984) Way back in 1984 at the dawn of the home PC era, a friend of mine bought a game called Elite, it was written by David Braben and Ian Bell who where, at that time, undergraduate students in… Continue reading

Money and Cryptocurrency

Money We use money everyday in one form or another. From hard cash to credit and now cryptocurrency. Before money we had to barter for goods which was time consuming and awkward. Without money you would have to take your… Continue reading

Thames Water Giveth Crap – as well as taking it away

What follows is a log of my year long fight with Thames Water to stop paying for my neighbours water. A mistake that goes back at least 8 years, probably more like 17! If you can’t be arsed to read… Continue reading

Protected: Minderbinder Atlantic Crossing 2013

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The Cloud. Resistance is Futile.

When computers were the size of small houses and there were very few in operation; most people accessed them via remote terminals, either in the same building or over large distances. These dumb terminals were effectively simple input/output devices and… Continue reading

Advertising & Zombies

First off;  what I am about to say, in a no doubt rambling fashion, is certainly going to be much better summed up by a famous Bill Hicks statement at the end of this blog post. So I won’t be… Continue reading

Demon Seed (2009)

Ever since watching the 1977 movie Demon Seed as a kid I wanted an automated home. Now I am well on my way. I already have security cameras that I can view remotely on me cell or PC, but until… Continue reading